“You’d Be If…”: Marlen Olivari’s Unfiltered Comment To Raquel Argandoña That Upset Viñuela

In a recent episode of the new TV+ program, Like it isconductors Raquel Argandoña and José Miguel Viñuela received panelist Marlen Olivari in the studio.

While speaking with the former MCC, Marlen sent a comment from those opposed to Quintrala, which sparked laughter in the studio.

It all started when Viñuela asked her partner if she could shapeshift, which animal would she be? “The tiger,” replied Kel Calderón’s mother.

Marlen’s unfiltered joke

It was then that Marlen noticed that she was also that feline in the Chinese zodiac. “Ah, do you…? What shall I be?’ Raquel asked.

“You’d be like a snake…” Marlen launched, upsetting Viñuela, who, along with other members of the program team, started laughing.

Raquel first pretended not to understand and assured that she had not heard Olivari’s remark. “I heard something about pants, who is talking to me?”, referring to the fact that they spoke to him from the address.

“But Raquel, but didn’t you listen to him? Marlen is talking to you,” Viñuela replied with a laugh.

Marlen then tried to correct what she had said, assuring that Raquel would be like “a kitten” in the Chinese zodiac.

‘Yes, he called me a snake. I played crazy not to answer him because it’s been twice already. I said ‘you know what, I want him to finish the month’”, Argandoña joked at the time.

Marlen then explained that the Chinese horoscope was determined by the year of birth, which is why she was a “tiger”, to get out of the joke she threw at Quintrala.

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