White Honey and the end of her relationship with Max Cabezón: “Overnight she changed decisively” | TV and program

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The cook is unloaded after her departure from the cooking show. He also revealed the reasons for the end of his relationship with Max Cabezón.

After being disqualified from the cooking show, white honey He talked about several issues that arose during his participation, one of them, his relationship with Max Cabezon.

It was this Friday that the cook reported via Instagram that she had been removed from the program due to contracting Covid, which prevented her from participating in the final stretch. “I am very angry, I have a lot of anger, because I feel that the chance to have been able to win has been taken away from me”.

However, this would not have been the only difficulty that Miel Blanca went through after leaving the program, but also the end of her relationship with the contestant, Max Cabezón.

“I am very sorry, what happened is a drag, because I left the program, some time passed … and we are no longer togetherhe told Page 7.

“I am single and so is he (…) because, out of the blue, Max completely changed the person he presented himself with overnight. it was someone else“, he clarified the reasons for the deadline.

To which he added: “On the show (Max) was a super caring person and overnight he completely changed his way of being. He got super cold and not very interested in maintaining a relationship so I’m not getting anything positive”he said categorically.

White Honey, however, thanked Max Cabezón for his support during the cooking show’s broadcast, crediting that the beginning of the relationship was due to the “recording environment” and that the end therefore coincided with his departure from the Chief’s disciple.

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