They capture AkA4.20 while defeating a DGAC official at Santiago airport

This Saturday, started circulating on social media a video showing the urban singer, AKA4.20, confronting a Civil Aeronautics Directorate (DGAC) official in the Arturo Merino Benitez Airport.

The person recording the record managed to capture the moment exactly from a hit by the artist against a worker of the institution and then to his companions who tried to calm him down.

From the DGAC they have indicated to CHV Noticias that they will take legal action. “From the security zone of the airport categorically rejects what happened and will take all measures that the law allows in this situation”.

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According to what was stated by the manager of the interpreter of “Siempre Fine”, the discussion would have started because the suitcases would have belonged to the artist and his team – “it took more than an hour to get on the tape”, for which she approached to ask and “the staff reacted pushy and aggressive“.

Aka4.20’s answer

Hours after what happened, the young resident of Talca He posted a statement on his Instagram account to regret what happened. “My response took place in the context of a discussion with the official, in which terms the officer addressed me in an arrogant and aggressive manner”.

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Along the same line, he added that “It would have been completely illustrative if the video showed the first part of the acts that caused my reaction and that as a human being was because they disrespected me,” he concluded.

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