“There were kisses…”: Andrés Caniulef told the company about his alleged romance with Sergio Rojas

This Friday, the expanelistas of I leave spoke to Jean Philippe Cretton in a special chapter of We can talk.

Daniel Fuenzalida, Luis Sandoval, Laura Prieto, Sergio Rojas and Andrés Caniulef told all about the driver, analyzed the abrupt end of the show business program and also told some funny anecdotes.

At the beginning of the show, Cretton asked Caniulef a bot question that got him into trouble.

“What is the truth of the romance, or alleged romance, with Sergio Rojas?” asked the driver.

Andrés then confessed that “the truth is that we had a really good approach when I arrived at Me Late. And I think hugging that Sergio touched me.”

“There were kisses, yes or no?” asked Cretton. “Yes, there were kisses…”, Caniulef revealed.

We Can Talk (CHV)
We Can Talk (CHV)

After this, the driver asked without a filter if “there was sex” in the relationship, which the journalist denied. “I mean, we’ve reached the kissing stage. As the Rumpy says, grade two,” Cretton joked.

“It was a super affectionate relationship, a really nice meeting moment, I succeeded and I think in the end one thing that I really appreciate is that I had never had a television duo, I had always been very individual and with him there was reached a chemistry that I never could have lived up to at that moment”, Andrés confessed.

Along the same lines, he shared the reasons for the breakup with Rojas, revealing that “at one point I felt maybe that energy was getting more and more intense and then I got scared and said, ‘I’m not here anymore'”.

Finally, Andrés clarified that he was no fool between them, though he did acknowledge that “I think we took advantage of the opportunity and the media it became.”

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