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As fans of manga and anime know, a tsundere is a character with an unstable personality. Normally irritable and aloof, but undeniably sweet once her icy exterior wears off, tsundere are often proud girls… but now they’re a beer too.

Tsundere Hazy IPA is the most recent proposal from the craft brewery Nomcraft brewing, located in Wakayama Prefecture. Made as part of the series Japanese Beer Odyssey of the beer selection service Otomonithe Tsundere Hazy IPA pays homage to otaku culture and launches as anime fans prepare for the convention Comics Market (Comiket) hibernate this year.

The name and label of the beer are not just a tactic to get the attention of the otaku. Like her character archetype, there are two distinctly contrasting elements to the Tsundere Hazy IPAbecause the taste changes depending on the temperature. Opened chilled, the Tsundere Hazy IPA takes on an intense tropical aroma and fresh taste without any discernible sweetness, the statement said. However, as the beer warms up, the drink begins to show a sweet fruit aspect in its aroma and soft hibiscus notes in its flavor profile.

The Tsundere Hazy IPA is available exclusively through Otomoni in Japan, with one bottle in their six- or twelve-bottle variety packs, priced at 4,378 yen ($31.50) and 8,426 yen, respectively.

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