The moving story of Eliana Krawczyk, the only woman aboard the Argentine submarine ARA San Juan, sunk 5 years ago

  • Veronica Smile
  • BBC News Mundo, Argentina

Eliana Krawczyk (35), Commander in Chief of the ARA San Juan in the submarine

image source, Marine Gazette / Argentine Navy


Eliana Krawczyk, 35, the chief of arms of the ARA San Juan, was the only woman among the 44 crew members of the Argentine submarine that sank on November 15, 2017.

His father was a flower grower. His mother, teacher. And he grew up in a province – Misiones, in northeastern Argentina – that does not open into the sea.

But while there was no obvious connection to the nautical, Eliana Krawczyk had been fascinated by the idea of ​​being a part of the navy since childhood.

“We had an older cousin who graduated from a naval school and she used to see him in his uniform when he came back from high school and was stunned, then he got the desire to join the Force,” his sister Silvina tells BBC Mundo .

Eliana was the only female crew member of the 44 who died in the sinking of the ARA San Juan submarine in the South Atlantic, who is now five years old.

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