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Qatar-Ecuador inaugurates this World Cup stained. Stained by a series of questions and irregularities that existed in the allocation process, where 24 members of FIFA’s executive committee decide the fate of humanity’s most important and transcendent sporting event.

Many of them had clearly been bribed, influenced by money and gifts from the current organizers. In recent weeks, there have been reports and documentaries about this scandal on payment platforms. Both on Netflix and HBO there are two raw and verified testimonials about all this staging, how to influence and get votes for the World Cup being awarded. Watching them is a healthy exercise in understanding how they work and everything behind football games.

Qatar has also been tainted by all past human rights, especially regarding stadium construction, turning a blind eye, FIFA, regarding all complaints related to it.

And it’s hard to get away from it all ahead of the start of the first game and the 64 games leading up to meeting the world football king. Accusations and various doubts on stage every day, with comments that lead to the permanent suspicion that you are in a never-ending game that plays with the illusions of millions of fans around the world.

Everything is under discussion and that causes enormous damage to business. Everything is under permanent suspicion. Everything can explode at any moment.

But this is not from now. Since football has become one of the world’s largest businesses, favours, underhanded payments, match fixing, bribery and incentives have become commonplace. How not to doubt everything?

It’s very complex, because the activity was re-smeared. We will have to be very attentive to be merely observers of what is happening in Qatar. So it is almost impossible to sit down and enjoy the games, knowing all this context, getting hard information every day that puts everything to the test.

It’s a colored world championship. And just as Maradona, a staunch critic of the FIFA organization, once spoke of not staining the ball, this is unfortunately already the case now. Although some of us continue to believe in the innocence and purity of the game, despite all the mud and grime that is tried to cover it up.

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