Representative of Juan Martín Lucero denies Aníbal Mosa for purchasing the pass

Martín Prest did not like the statements of the director of Blanco y Negro, who claimed that talks had already started to obtain 80% of his letter. “They know what to do,” said the agent.

Lucero's agent denies that Mosa bought the pass.
© William Salazar.Lucero’s agent denies that Mosa bought the pass.

Without a doubt, Juan Martín Lucero has been this season and the great figure of Colo Colo he more than deserved his renewal thanks to his great contribution on the field: 24 annotations j six assists in all competitions.

The management of Blanco y Negro still has some time to allow the Cat’s goals to continue in the Monumental Stadium December to do this year purchase option effective How much is it 900 thousand dollars.

In this sense, Aníbal Mosa, director of the concessionaire, assured in a conversation with Radio ADN that negotiations have already started to acquire 80% of the Argentine striker.

The representative stops dry at the Maas

However, the player’s own representative, Martin Prestwent out to refute puertomontino’s statements in dialogue with La Tercera, where he clearly pointed out that the club Haven’t started conversations yet to keep the goalscorer.

The former footballer initially sent a message to ByN’s sports management and assured that “to me, who is his agent, they didn’t tell me anything, thing they should have done“.

Along the same lines, he claimed that “I was not informed of anything, and when they negotiated to sign Martín, they talked to me. So they should have contacted me by now.”

Finally, Prest stated that “they know what to do and what the ethical paths are”.

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