President Boric: “A new constitution is a transversal challenge for Chilean society”

President Gabriel Boric was interviewed on the program “Talk to Al Jazeera” of the chain of the same name, in an edition broadcast in local time in the wee hours of this Saturday.

In the conversation, the president touched on several topics: the plebiscite for the new constitution, the inflation currently affecting the country, its popularity in the polls and the participation of Chili on the APEC.

“Long-term changes cannot be separated from the daily urgencies of the majority of the population”

The journalist Lucía Newman consulted the president about the discrepancy that exists between the international interest his “personal style” has aroused and his popularity in Chile’s polls. “We need to know how to reconcile structural reforms which we have proposed and which we consider necessary for a fairer and more equitable development of our country, with the citizen emergencies of the present”the president replied.

“What we have assessed in recent months, especially after the result of the plebiscite, is that long-term changes cannot be separated from the day-to-day urgencies of the majority of the populationthe president engrossed. “To address both, a balance is needed between the audacity between the fiery beliefs we hold in youth and the experience of those who have reigned in the pastwho have had both failures and successes”.

President Gabriel Boric took the opportunity to highlight some of his management’s achievements in recent months: “I am moderately optimistic and see green shoots in our government in different spheres, not only in terms of popularity as the latest surveys show, but also in terms of popularity break the inflation curvein the increase in foreign investment to improve certain aspects of it safety which has been one of the main concerns, in which we have already put in place two government structural reforms and are being talked about, what the tax reformto better distribute wealth, and the pension reform“.

“The challenge of a new constitution is a transversal challenge of Chilean society”

The president was then consulted on plans to write a new constitution, and on how his government plans to implement the proposed changes to his program after the triumph of the option.Rejectionin the 4 September plebiscite.

“I agree it’s a big bust, but I wouldn’t put it down to a generational character. The constitutional problem in Chile is not a problem of young people, it is a problem of coexistence, of the lack of legitimacy of origin and of the exhaustion of the exercise of the social pact that we currently have, the Constitution of ’80 “, declared the president Gabriel Boric.

“The challenge of having a new constitution is a transversal challenge of Chilean society, and me I hope that during our government all political sectors can agree on a new constitution.”.

“Chile needs the world and the world needs Chile too”

Towards the end of the interview, the president answered questions about Chile’s role in the current international political context. Regarding the country’s participation in APEC, the president pointed out that “Chile is a medium-sized country in the world, which nevertheless has enormous potential (…) Chile needs the world and the world needs Chile too“, highlighting the existing reserves of lithium and copper in the national territory.

Likewise, the president highlighted the work done on green hydrogen, assuring that Chile’s clean energy role can be decisive in this matter.

Finally, the president indicated that he was not frustrated by the performance in the polls: “I am quite motivated, one cannot be guided by the polls and the popularity of the moment,” he said.

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