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The artist unexpectedly left an interview after being asked why he decided to go to the World Cup, unlike Dua Lipa and Shakira, despite criticism of the country’s lack of human rights policies.

Colombian singer Maluma got off to a controversial start in one of his first official appearances in the World Cup football in Qatarthis then, next asked about the human rights of the aforementioned country during an interview, the artist let her down.

The interpreter of the official FIFA anthem was chatting with the Israeli journalist Moav Vardi of the chain Be able towhen asked his thoughts on the performers who decided not to attend the sporting event and what people will say about him, he agreed to go.

“I have to ask you, Shakira and Dua Lipa refused to participate in this World Cup because of Qatar’s poor human rights record and of course people think, ‘Doesn’t Maluma have a problem with human rights violations in this country? ‘ “”asked Vardi.

Therefore, Maluma replied: “Yes, but it’s something I can’t figure out. I only came here to enjoy life and enjoy football. It’s not something I should get involved in. I’m here enjoying my music and my beautiful life, and I also play football,” he said visibly upset.

For his part, the journalist insisted on collecting his impressions about possible criticism, for which he asked: “But do you understand that people are going to say that just being here helps to clean up (their image)?”However, before finishing his question, he was interrupted by Maluma.

“Should I answer this question?” he asked his assistants. “No, you don’t have to,” they replied He got up from his chair and walked away. say to the journalist: “That’s not done. You’re rude”while the communicator attempted to resume the interview.

@latinus_us #Qatar. “Do you not mind the lack of human rights in #Qatar2022?” Maluma wonders. #Latinus #FIFAWorldCup #InformationForYou ♬ original sound – Latinus

Later, through his Instagram account, the singer again referred to the issue, insisting on the version already delivered to the Israeli media.

“I have come here to celebrate the football festival, to place my flag and culture in the most important event in sporting history and to bring joy to the corners of the world”he wrote in a story.

To which he added: “This is my job and my legacy. I will not change, I will continue to do it with all the love in the world.”

The artist also gave words to Shakira, Dua Lipa and Rob Stewart who refused to go to the event for this song: “If some don’t want to come, that’s their problem, but I’m here to face reality and bring light to the whole world”he assured.

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