Maduro takes a stand against those who describe him as a “dictator” and alludes to Piñera and sectors of the left | International

“We don’t characterize ourselves as cowards, they can criticize, but they can’t accuse us of being cowards,” Maduro said, referring to left-wing sectors questioning his government.

The President of Venezuela, Nicholas Maduroasked left-wing politicians who have criticized him and described him as a “dictator” to sit down to talk “face to face” about the “truth” of the Caribbean country and the “democratic truth”.

“There are people who accuse us of being dictators. I understand Sebastián Piñera is doing itI understand that (Jair) Bolsonaro accuses me, I understand that fascism accuses us, but from the left, anyone who tries to accuse us will have to sit face to face with us to discuss the truth of Venezuela”Maduro said in a meeting with representatives of the Sao Paulo Forum, broadcast by state broadcaster VTV.

The president didn’t name anyone specifically, but confirmed that this “debate” can take place with “whoever he wants, wherever he wants, whatever he wants, whatever his name is, wherever he is, whatever position he holds.”

“We do not characterize ourselves as cowards, any critic may say, but they cannot accuse us of being cowards (…) we stand up and see the global, regional geopolitical scenario. We are undoubtedly facing a new scenario right now that is very favorable for the forces of change, for the progressive forces,” he added.

Venezuela’s president assured that some leaders “from the left” are trying “normalize” the “attacks” against Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela.

The President of Chile, Gabriel Boric, has also criticized the Venezuelan government. Maduro, for his part, has questioned the young president’s “lack of leadership” or his lack of commitment to what Chavismo sees as leftist policies.

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