“Like it was even kind of cool”: Laura Prieto opened up about the harsh criticism she received after going through Me Late

This Friday, the expanelistas of I leave they took the program We can talk. Daniel Fuenzalida, Andrés Caniulef, Sergio Rojas, Luis Sandoval and Laura Prieto spoke about the end of show business with Jean Philippe Cretton.

The Uruguayan model was the last to join the program, which was abruptly taken off the air by TV+ and which unleashed a wave of criticism on the channel for its drastic decision.

At the beginning of the program, Jean Philippe consulted Laura about how she was feeling at the time. To which the influencer replied that “personally, what has left me these days, downloading this news, is sad.”

After this, Prieto opened up about the criticism he has received after joining Fuenzalida’s program.

“The saddest thing that happened to me, I think all of us who work in television happen to us because we work with the ego is that I heard comments from the hallway, that we heard thousands of them as a team, that I was not enough,” admitted Laura.

Along the same lines, he added, “since it didn’t fit, like it was even kinda cool for the profile.”

We Can Talk (CHV)
We Can Talk (CHV)

“I felt like it was like so many years of career, work, effort and credibility went into people you know,” Laura admitted of how she felt about the harsh criticism.

The model even confessed to questioning the decision to join the program, after it was abruptly canceled shortly after.

“I asked myself a lot of things, I said ‘will I be the last one?’ because I come in and the program ends, also not getting a good reception and a reception that resembles comments from the corridor but does not give you time to adjust” , he assured.

Finally, Laura confessed that “I felt unwanted” after her time on the extinct but beloved program Me Late.

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