Lewandoswki uneasy before naughty questions about Messi and Argentina-Poland


Barcelona and Poland’s goalscorer Robert Lewandowski reacted with a touch of exasperation when asked if he would settle scores with Lionel Messi when he faces the Argentina team over his alleged comments about his election to the Ballon d ‘Or.

Less than two weeks after Poland's game against Messi's Argentina, Lewandowski did not want to get into controversy
© Laczynaspilka and Getty ImagesLess than two weeks after Poland’s game against Messi’s Argentina, Lewandowski did not want to get into controversy

While not one-on-one, Robert Lewandowski came out playing like a champion to an Argentine journalist who asked him about an alleged bad vibe with Lionel Messi. The Polish striker will be the figure of his team when they face Leo and Argentina in the conclusion of Group C of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar on Wednesday, November 30.

Lewy’s eyes widened after the consultation. “After everything that has been discussed about the Ballon d’Or issue, do you think you can discuss it with Messi by shaking hands in the match on November 30? Or don’t you have time?” the reporter said. “I don’t understand the question,” replied the goalscorer. “That if you give an example that everything is fine with Messi,” repeated the notero.

The Barcelona striker smiled awkwardly and asked “why wouldn’t Messi be okay?” and the journalist apologized, “I’m just asking.” Lewandowski did not stop there. “Why should we say something to each other in the greeting, Messi and I are fine, we’ve never had a problem. Why are you asking me like that?” replied.

By now everyone was uncomfortable in the press room. The Argentinian journalist tried to defend himself. “It’s only because of what you said Messi said… Messi said you deserved to win the Ballon d’Or in 2021, but he didn’t vote for you then.” Lewy shook everything, asking repeatedly, “When and where did I say that?” When? I don’t remember saying it.’

The Argentinian asked for the towel. “Maybe you saw on Instagram that someone said that, but I didn’t go,” Lewandowski continued, and the communicator had no choice but to bend the knee. “Okay, thanks” was the term of the dialogue that certainly didn’t take long to reach Messi’s eyes and brighten up the duel that will certainly determine the winner of the Group in two weeks.

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