“I screwed up…”: Kel Calderón left the pot again and revealed new details about Belén Soto’s wedding

Belen Soto announced a few weeks ago that she was engaged to her partner Branko Bakovich. While the actress has told her followers a thing or two about what her wedding will be like, it’s Kel Calderón who has gone in at the deep end and shared several details of the ceremony.

A few weeks ago, the influencer revealed through social networks that the actress’s wedding will be in Tulum, Mexico.

So far, the date of the ceremony has not been revealed, but Kel again did not hold back and shared a special detail on social networks.

“It’s a secret!”

The influencer and the actress were dating another friend on Friday night, when Kel started recording a story for her Instagram.

“Belén, what’s your problem?” she asked her friend. To which the actress replied, “I want to pay the bill.”

“Dude, it’s your last single Friday. Besides, notes will come out of this shade…because I screwed up. When were you civilly married?’ Kel asked her friend, who couldn’t contain her laughter.

“It’s a secret, hue…!” he replied laughing.

Kel then commented that “well this is Belén Soto’s last single Friday and she wants to leave.”

“This hue… has dedicated itself to telling every detail of my marriage,” Belen complained with a laugh.

“I’m your official communicator,” Kel replied.

Finally, Belén joked, “I don’t have to say anything anymore because Kel says everything.”

So all of Belen and Branko would soon say yes along with all their friends in a ceremony on the paradise beaches of Tulum.

Watch Kel Calderon’s story below:

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