“His reaction seems exaggerated to me”: Sergi Arola’s criticism of White Honey after being disqualified from The Disciple of the Chef

There was quite a controversy these days after White Honey was disqualified The chief’s disciple after hitting the bug. Through social networks, the cook shared a furious defense for what had happened, showing that she was very affected by the production’s decision.

After the commotion her statements caused, Miel spoke to LUN about the incident that happened a few months ago that dropped her out of the cooking show’s five finalists.

“There was zero empathy. In fact, I know that my colleagues have asked production to wait for the days of quarantine in order to compete accordingly. They did not want that, despite the fact that due to the Covid alarm they had also had to isolate the colleagues whom he had already greeted that day of the test,” he revealed to the aforementioned medium.

He also said that “what happens is one of the chefs had to travel.”

“It was a lesser evil”

The aforementioned was Sergi Arola, who indeed had to travel to take charge of one of his restaurants abroad.

The chef also spoke to LUN about what happened, noting that “it’s not all about the program and we had other commitments to fulfill.”

“His reaction seems exaggerated to me when there were people who had to close restaurants because of Covid. In this case it was a lesser evil because he could continue to make his moves through social networks and the program gave him fame,” Sergi criticized after Miel’s lamentation.

Finally, the chief assured that “the channel and the program acted only in accordance with the sanitary regulations that we all had to comply with.”

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