“Go do the crazy show…”: Daniel Fuenzalida accused possible homophobia of a TV+ executive after the end of Me Late

The former team of I leave spoke to Jean Philippe Cretton in the new chapter of We can talk which aired this Friday.

Daniel Fuenzalida, together with the former panelists of the entertainment program, analyzed TV+’s drastic decision to take the space from the screens every moment.

It was then that the radio host made strong accusations against one of the channel’s executives, pointing out that there could be homophobic undertones behind the decision to end the broadcast. I leave.

“When I saw how the situation unfolds, I even started to think that there are homophobic overtones in some people who make decisions,” Fuenzalida launched from the beginning.

“I Make My Words”

Along the same lines, he added that “when I see the current panelists, that I have nothing against them, and more than once they showed me, let’s put more women, let’s do this Me Late 2.0, I’m sticking to that mates think somehow meet, and that didn’t seem like much to me So I say, the person who made the decision, will he have homophobic undertones?

Fuenzalida then revealed that “it was a measure like… ‘go do the crazy show’. I regret not stopping dead on that occasion, but a person who has done all these machinations more than once, did it ”.

“So when you see there’s another panel now, one keeps spinning and says ‘wow maybe it happened there too, what a shame that would be’ because we’re going back to a television that we don’t want. What does (…) I don’t think that more classic television, which has more to do with gender, will go to 2023 anymore, “explained the former presenter.

Finally, he assured that “I watch my words”. And he revealed that he told Sergio Rojas and Andrés Caniulef, though he stated, “I never thought this would have the end.”

The reaction of Rojas and Caniulef

After this, Cretton asked the two panelists about how they felt after hearing Fuenzalida’s words.

“This makes me sad because I feel… for me it hasn’t been an easy transition, with Daniel we had a laugh a while ago, it’s the first time I’ve dated someone in a more natural way. It seems sad to me that people keep thinking that,” Rojas admitted.

He also revealed that Andrés helped him accept himself and his sexuality. “He taught me that being gay isn’t bad, that it doesn’t make you a bad person,” he said.

We Can Talk (CHV)
We Can Talk (CHV)

“I’m also thankful that Daniel, out of a protective instinct, didn’t tell me that way either. Homosexuals are severely punished, despite being in a privileged environment, such as television, there are people who continue to punish you for life,” Sergio reflected.

Caniulef, in turn, noted that the driver “wanted to protect us, maybe not to make us part of this problem. We did talk about it at some point, because he also asked me how I would handle this situation. had to go. I think there are indeed homophobic overtones, and I’m very sorry about that.”

“Today they practically despise a program because two of the members are gay, it seems to me that it goes back in time. It takes value away from a channel that I thought was much more progressive,” said Andrés.

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