“Candelaria Mining Scholarship” supports the mental health and wellbeing of young people in Copiapó province – RADIO MARAY

Since its inception, the program has helped more than 100 university students from Copiapó province. In the current period 2022, it has 67 scholarship students.

With the aim of raising awareness about the importance of mental health care for young people, developing a dynamic towards prevention and strengthening capacities in this field, the third workshop of the Minera Candelaria Scholarship Program was held.

The workshops were held in the premises of the Minera Candelaria sports complex in Tierra Amarilla and were led by the municipality’s CESFAM psychologist, Pierina Agurto, accompanied by professionals from the Simón de Cirene company, the entity responsible for the implementation of the program.

The initiative had the participation of 18 scholarship students from Copiapó, Tierra Amarilla and Caldera. Two other similar workshops were held in July in Copiapó and in August in Caldera.

2022 was the year of youth and mental health around the world. The return to face-to-face education in educational institutions, after a long confinement due to COVID, has exposed the problems faced by boys, girls and especially young people.

In this context, the Candelaria Mining Scholarship Program, which supports university students in the region, focused the workshop on this theme, focusing on the concept of “Mental Health”, always based on the experiences of the young people themselves. Aspects of self-care and knowing how to identify a mental health problem were also worked on. The day also provided space for conversation between young people, moments of recreation and containment in the face of everyday difficulties.

About the workshop, Rosalía Duran, a mining civil engineer, said that “this mental health workshop was very important because we shared it with new colleagues and we had a moment of reflection where we learned how to deal with mental health issues. These cases don’t always happen, so I thank Simón de Cirene and Minera Candelaria who have been with me in my university process since 2018.”

The “Candelaria Mining Scholarship” program is an initiative of the company in collaboration with the Simón de Cirene Corporation. It was established in 2018 with the aim of creating the optimal conditions for students in socioeconomically vulnerable circumstances to remain in higher education, generating support in four lines of intervention: maintenance, transfer, housing and tuition.

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