Arturo Vidal, Slovakia, claims the king’s cold

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The Chilean team is waiting for the friendly match with Slovakia. The king was cold in practice and made that clear at one point.

Arturo Vidal had a hard time with the cold in practice
© ESPNArturo Vidal had a hard time with the cold in practice

The Chilean team is installed and awaits what will be the last friendly of the 2022 season. This Sunday, La Roja will face Slovakia, looking for the first win of the Eduardo Berizzo era.

The team of all suffered a serious setback when they fell in agony against Poland, so they will try to get the fury out in the second match of the tour. One that is not only a tactical challenge, but also climate-technical.

And it is that while all the focus is on the heat of the World Cup in Qatar, the Chilean team lives the opposite in their last friendlies. Already in the game on Wednesday, they had to endure a low temperature, something that is worth repeating.

In Poland, the maximum borders on just 5º degrees, while the minimum is even below 0º. That was reflected in practice this Friday, where Arturo Vidal had a good time.

ESPN cameras caught King jokingly complaining about the low temperatures in Slovakia. So much so that he let out a comical cry, “Why are they forcing us to come here?”

The Flamengo midfielder did not stop there and continued his funny act, blaming the match organizer. “Who invents these friendlies?” he said to the laughter of those present.

He closed it all with a cry of ironic anguish that made his companions laugh. “Oh, it’s cold!” He concluded with a smile on his face.

The Chilean team will look to finish 2022 with a win to break their losing streak and focus on what will be next year where they will have the big challenge of qualifying for the 2026 World Cup.

Check out Arturo Vidal’s funny claim about the cold in Slovakia

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